Whats the Importance?

  • Those who are sick should take extensive measures to protect themselves and their family from indoor pollutants. 

  • The Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA), has reported that indoor air is one of the top 5  public health threats to Americans.

  • This can be alarming when most people spend 90% percent of their time indoors and approximately 65% of their time at home.

  • Colds, viruses, germs and the flu are all airborne illnesses that are getting sucked in by your HVAC system and carried in from the outside by family members, friends and pets.


  • Approximately 3,000+ cases of Cancer are caused by exposure to indoor air pollutants every year.

  • 50% of a lot of illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air quality.

  • 90% of colds are caught indoors, while approximately 10% are caught outdoors.

  • Improved air quality will allow your organs to work better; which usually leads to better oxygen absorption to the brain.

Signs of Bad indoor Air Quality

  • Random Dust visible throughout the house 

  • Mold growing in the HVAC unit

  • Aggravated allergies

  • Constant and foul odors 

  • Respiratory issues

  • Dirty or clogged air vents 

  • Nose irritation 

  • Aggressive sneezing and coughing  


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